What kind of office does a tech-focused PR firm have? One that allows its people to tell the best stories for their clients, of course. That translates to lots of light, comfy areas to work away from your desk, and of course, a coffee bar.
The space is “kind of like a college library,” says COO Ellen Hanson, and feels much bigger than its 10,000 square feet, with high ceilings and a wall of windows wrapping around two sides of the office with amazing views of the lake and Millennium Park. There are couches, of course, and blankets for cozy laptop work sessions away from the noise.
But the main attraction is the communal area nestled in the rounded corner of the building, with floor to ceiling windows providing an amazing backdrop. Used for everything from informal chats at the small round table in the middle of the space to all hands meetings with employees sitting on soft furniture flanking the space, it’s the centerpiece of the space and where creative ideas are born.
So whether heads down or heads together, “we’re all about getting the flow going, where everything fades to the back… and time just seems to fly,” says Hanson. “That’s what the Walker Sands space is designed to do.”
That’s one dope library.