The answer varies from person to person: the kegerator. The hot tub time machine. The bridge. The outdoor space with the hammocks. The coolest part of Vibes’ space, however, is one that you can’t see until you “take the roof off,” according to co-founder Jack Philbin. Doing so would reveal that the floor design incorporates the Golden Spiral, a graphic representation of the Fibonacci sequence. Curving walls throughout Vibes’ space approximate the long arcs of the spiral and lead to the War Room, where “the magic happens.” Talk about a vision!
The magic doesn’t stop there, however. From meetings over a game of pool to asking the holiday party DJ to turn up the tunes to get people away from their desks (the holiday parties are held in the office, glitter and all), you immediately get a sense that the name Vibes has as much meaning for the company’s office space as it does for its business. And according to co-founder Alex Campbell, “that’s just the way we want it.”