Collaboration is a big buzzword these days, and Conversant (formerly ValueClick) has embraced it in a big way. With over 50 informal “scrum” areas scattered around its three-floor Chicago office, there is no shortage of meeting space, from the formal board room to the informal steps in the hallways. Whether a team needs a TV, whiteboard, high or low tables, extra seating, or privacy, the space accommodates it all.
It’s all part of the focus on the company’s main asset – its people. “Everyone has technology [but really] it’s all about the people,” says John Giuliani, the President and CEO of Conversant.
In the move from Dotomi’s West Loop offices, the challenge was to maintain the scrappy feel of the old space. Repurposed timber beams, exposed ceilings, and industrial lighting bridge the gap between old and new, while colorful furniture throughout the space serves reflects the energetic culture.
Color is a central theme throughout the office. A half-dozen color-coded areas are not only used for wayfinding, but have created mini-communities out of their inhabitants, who love the camaraderie. The network cables in the ceiling match the color themes and artwork created by the company’s art and design studio adorns the hallway scrum areas, which have proven to be in high demand. It’s all a way for the Conversant family to make the space their own, and the employees love it.
“The energy here is really strong,” says Giuliani. “This is the model for all of our future offices.”