Walking into a lobby dripping with red will shock most people into paying attention. But as the polished concrete floors wind through the library, happy hour, and myriad other nooks and crannies filled with boisterous team members, it’s clear that Upshot’s space isn’t just gratuitous visual mayhem – there is some serious method in this madness.
In fact, before the move, Upshot employees were interviewed on their priorities for their new office, so the space not only reflects their wishes but is a function of the company culture. With values such as inspiration, there are surprises around almost every curve (there are no straight lines in the office). Ideas reign supreme and there are plenty of spaces to both nurture evolving ideas and debate their merit.
“Our purpose as an agency is to inspire people to take action,” says Brian Kristofek, Upshot’s President and CEO. But the agency likes to take the same approach internally, realizing that inspiring each other will “help create more inspiring marketing.”