<strong>The Future of Engagement: Reflections from Our Last Event</strong>

The Future of Engagement: Reflections from Our Last Event

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We recently had the privilege of participating in an event put on by our friends at General Assembly Chicago. ContextMedia generously hosted the panel discussion in their amazing space in downtown Chicago.

The rapid-fire discussion focused on the future of employee engagement, with particular emphasis on how technology is increasingly shaping the ways we measure and promote engagement in the workplace.

The panelists were Kristy Nittskoff (Founder, Talent-Savvy), Katie De Voto (Talent Director, ContextMedia), Anna Burke (VP of Marketing & Communications, HighGround), and Tamara Snyder (Senior VP of Edelman Employee Engagement Practice, Edelman). Our very own CEO Max Chopovsky moderated.

We didn’t have room for all of you at the event (we ran out of seats!), so here are the highlights:

How early should a company start thinking about establishing its values?

“You need to have a North Star and it’s never too early. Without a North Star you’ll be stranded.” – Katie De Voto @contextmedia

“You already have values even if they’re not written down. The types of behaviors you reward and recognize are your values.” – @TamaraSnyder

What advice do you have for someone trying to improve their culture? How does organization size come into play?

“In order to attract the customers and employees you want in your ecosystem, you have to have a purpose beyond making money.” – @AnnaNBurke

“The only way we’ve been able to scale from 50 to 400 and stay a family is letting employees own the culture.” – Katie De Voto @contextmedia

“Ask people who their role models are.” – @TamaraSnyder

“Get in front of bad Glassdoor reviews. They have a glimmer of truth even when people are venting. Respond to them.” – Kristy Nittskoff @talentsavvy_HR

How do you hire people? (A deceptively simple question!)

“If you’re going to say a candidate isn’t a good cultural fit, you better be ready to explain why.” – Katie De Voto @contextmedia

“A lot of hiring managers want to hire a mirror. Don’t hire people who are just like you.” – @AnnaNBurke

“I’ve often found that people who like working in Excel don’t like working at Edelman” – @TamaraSnyder

How do you know when it’s not working?

“If you have regular employee surveys, watch for those who suddenly stop responding.” – @AnnaNBurke

“Small drop offs in effort and upticks in absenteeism are key indicators.” – @TamaraSnyder

What are your thoughts about technology keeping people ever-connected to work? How do you keep balance for your people?

“Managers and employees need to set their expectations with each other up front.” – Kristy Nittskoff @talentsavvy_HR

“Engage remote workers during their time zones. Make sure remote workers have a voice and feel equally respected.” – @AnnaNBurke

How can workspaces help people do their best work?

“Open space is key but make sure you have enough private and meeting spaces.” – Katie De Voto @contextmedia

“We ordered a bar on Amazon. We set it up and said you can have a drink any time but you have to do it with someone else.” – @TamaraSnyder

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