The construction industry wasn’t exactly associated with rapid growth tech startups… until Textura came long.

The company’s trajectory would be more at home in Silicon Valley as a consumer tech startup, but even after its 2013 IPO, Textura’s revenue continues to grow at breakneck speed, earning the company an award as one of the fastest growing companies in Chicago.

Textura’s growth has culminated in the opening of a brand new Chicago office overlooking Millennium Park, a sign for those who weren’t sure that it’s official: Textura has arrived.

"If you're looking for complex problems that actually help someone, there's a lot you can do here"

− Mike Steder, Senior Software Engineer

"This is an organization that will give you an opportunity to not only make an impact, but take a true level of responsibility and autonomy over the work you do"

− TK Mackay, Senior Manager, Client Services

Your first step at Textura is into the deep end, with rapid growth driving the never ending need for resources (though training is extensive across departments). By definition, this assures growth and responsibility from day one, with employees having immediate impact and rapid career advancement.

Similarly, your first step into Textura’s downtown office is a step into a new world — of distressed wood, of bare metal, and of polished concrete with symbols written on the floor. It’s part construction project, part observation deck, part crucible, and part tech startup.

It’s an environment where laid back meets overachiever, gritty meets beautiful, and humility meets domination. Textura to the (building) core.