Matching the flow of a space to the business process flow of a global company is no easy task, but at ShopperTrak there is no task too difficult to tackle when it comes to culture and space.
The company uses its space to give an immediate visual impression of its size and reach. With boardrooms named after global cities, overhead lights with national flags, and a giant global map in the lobby, there is no shortage of visual cues to highlight ShopperTrak’s scale.
But the space does more, highlighting the culture of collaboration at every turn.
“We thought very hard indeed on how people need to interact to be successful,” says CEO Christopher Ainsley. With break-out areas, agile storyboards and whiteboards throughout the space, the thinking clearly led to a solution which employees use every day.
The variety of materials throughout the space, from the modern customer experience center with a rustic touch to the cement floor and exposed ceiling, symbolize how ShopperTrak isn’t just an up and coming tech company – that it has indeed arrived.
Whether it’s having a meeting in ‘Tokyo’ or passing by ‘Times Square’ for lunch, every step reminds employees and visitors not just where ShopperTrak has been, but the bright future ahead.