Whether it’s brain food Fridays, board game nights, the winerator or the compassion crew, there is no shortage of ways that Rightpoint keeps its employees engaged and passionate about the company’s mission. “Our goal and mission at Rightpoint is to combine left brain and right brain thinking to solve the world’s most complex challenges,” says Co-founder Ross Freedman.
Not only does Rightpoint create a culture that fulfills the passion of employees, but it’s also a place that celebrates its people. The “‘Wow Wall” is filled with accomplishments of employees that have gone above and beyond in their work.
Collaboration is also critical. “Bringing together people with various disciplines, with very different backgrounds and have them work together harmoniously in one team, under one roof” is a key part of the company’s success, says Ross. The space enables collaboration in different ways. Whether it’s the open spaces, the focused quiet areas or the coffee shop nooks, employees have all the space they need to come together.
Above all, the space also is a reflection of the company’s personality.  The buzzy nature of the open spaces and the bright orange kitchen where everyone hangs out give off a special energy that is unique to Rightpoint. “Our culture is our personality; it’s the essence of who we are,” says Ross.