Designed by NELSON

From the brag board to the beer cart, the Wii bowling competitions to the Scrabble game permanently laid out on a kitchen table, the employees at Performics feel at home in the company’s office. And that was always the plan.
Why? Because “the next generation of leaders understands the importance of space, culture, and environment to productivity, creativity and teamwork,” says Papczun. And the culture at Performics can be described simply as one where you can be your “best self.” This includes different spaces to work, whether couches in the multiple lounges, the TV room, the acrylic chairs hanging from the ceiling, or at the kitchen bar.
But it goes further. Leadership looked at three principles in designing the space: collaboration, inspiration, and personalization. Spaces abound where people can come together to solve problems and whiteboards are on almost every wall. Inspiration is everywhere, from artwork on the walls to funky furniture scattered around the office. And as for personalizing space, where else can employees choose the paint color of their office?
Sometimes, it’s the little things that count just as much: cupcakes on Valentine’s day, popcorn in the afternoons, and of course the beer cart, which is a great way for new team members to meet the entire Performics crew as they push the cart around the office.
It all adds up to a place where employees love to work and build lasting relationships. So by shifting the focus to their employees, Performics shifted their employees’ focus to doing their best work. Good call.