<strong>Midweek Mix</strong> | When in Doubt, Free Food | WeWork is Coworking’s Willy Wonka | What Would Your Mother Say?

Midweek Mix | When in Doubt, Free Food | WeWork is Coworking’s Willy Wonka | What Would Your Mother Say?

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A Wonka-esque Journey Through New York’s Hottest Startup Offices

Who knew that staircase design could still be disrupted? WeWork did, for starters. Having an eye for reinventing the mundane probably has something to do with their $16 billion valuation. Seriously, we should all consider the benefits of triangular tables. Enjoy this photo-filled exposé of New York’s most envy-inducing startup offices including Spotify and Harry’s.

Meaning: Cultural Capital of the 21st Century Workplace

Turns out job stability doesn’t feel so good when the most stable thing about your work is a sense of purposelessness. The ADP Research Institute finds that 9 in 10 people want to work on things related to their personal interests or that will impact society. Want to stay relevant as an employer? You best be ready to do a little soul searching. Don’t know where to start? Take a cue from VISANOW.

Stop Abusing the Concept of Coworking

All coworkers are not created equal. In fact, most “coworkers” are really just “co-workers.” The former is a member of an intentionally collaborative, mutually beneficial community. The latter is somebody who happens to sit near you. An exposed brick loft with a lot of desks and a coffee bar is not a coworking space. A professional network that is greater than the sum of its parts is.

Make the New Emotional Workplace Work for You

Don’t get us wrong. Co-workers still matter. A lot actually. Co-workers connections are more important than ever for companies looking to attract top talent. If you’re not using personality data when hiring, you’re behind the times. Every leader should understand the difference between constructive management and personal preference. Not convinced? Hear it from Chicago’s preeminent guru of workplace kindness, SOCIALDEVIANT CEO Marc Landsberg.

“Mommy-Tracking” Is Not Cool (Also Empirically Wrong)

Just in time for Mother’s Day: more data further disproving the stereotype that mothers in the workplace are less committed to their work and careers. Mothers and childless women alike place flexible hours, the ability to work from home, and opportunity for professional growth as their top three job criteria besides compensation. Sounds a lot like what entrepreneur (and mom) Genevieve Theirs told us back in January.

Culture Matters a Lot, Food Matters the Most

In the startup world, company culture is more talked about than salary. Unlike many trends, this one is actually rooted in fact. Here’s an infographic that demonstrates the importance of culture in startup success (and failure). It also confirms that food is the universal cultural language, which is entirely consistent with the findings of our panel discussion at Ethos 4.0.