<strong>Midweek Mix</strong> | Water Cooler Convos go Trans-Atlantic | Learn How to Listen | 25 Elements of Engaging Culture

Midweek Mix | Water Cooler Convos go Trans-Atlantic | Learn How to Listen | 25 Elements of Engaging Culture

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Trans-Atlantic Water Cooler Convos (Literally)

What if we told you that installing cameras around the office and giving every employee access to those camera feeds was the latest trend in workplace transparency? Well we’re not telling you that just yet, but we are referring you to this in-depth profile of a Utah-based tech company that’s done this in all of their global offices— and they love it.

Employees Prefer Access to Tech over Free Food, Sleek Workspace Design

Okay so we know that providing employees with donuts on Fridays is cheaper than giving them all tablets. But you should know that Adobe’s recent “Work in Progress” report found a whopping 81% of employees ranked access to state-of-the-art tech as their number one work perk, over free food (72%) and beautiful office design (61%). Raise comes to mind as a gold standard in employee tech access.

Read This Article to Become a Better Listener

A colleague is speaking to you. You’re nodding your head and smiling while looking at your laptop. Guess what? You’re not listening. You’re being an ass. Listening is a difficult skill to master. Even if you’re retaining everything a speaker is saying to you — which you probably aren’t, because most people can only retain half at best — if you’re not making eye contact nobody is going to be endorsing your communication skills on LinkedIn any time soon.

“Rebirthdays” + “Millennial Grandparenting” Are Key Midwestern Perks

Our Chicago neighbors at LaSalle Network landed on Inc.’s inaugural 50 Best Workplaces list because of their creative methods for spicing up corporate culture. Not every company can afford a company-wide trip for hitting annual sales goals, but most can afford balloons, or take the time to match younger employees with more senior mentors. Read this if you need help coming up with a more inspiring culture booster than free pizza.

Global Companies Flocking to Asia are Creating Some Pretty Sweet Office Designs

Singapore is a thriving financial, educational, and creative hub that’s been getting a lot of attention from a handful of little companies like Twitter and Airbnb. Seriously though, a lot of companies from startups to unicorns are building new Asian offices, and they’re working with local design firms to craft some really neat hybrids of traditional architecture and international design trends.

The Periodic Table of Elements for a Highly Engaging Workplace Culture

It’s what it sounds like. The Workforce Institute at Kronos did a big study and then consolidated all the data into a nifty infographic. We’re not going to explain it because it’s super detailed, but if you have between one and thirty minutes and want to learn a bunch of interesting culture stats you should definitely take a look.