<strong>Midweek Mix</strong> | Renaissance Lessons for Coworking Design | Emoji Professionalism Demystified | Miserable Workplace Detox

Midweek Mix | Renaissance Lessons for Coworking Design | Emoji Professionalism Demystified | Miserable Workplace Detox

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The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy

So you know that thing where history repeats itself? Turns out it’s true of coworking spaces as well. We tend to think of coworking spaces as a hip trend growing out of the increasingly flexible modern workplace, but those of us looking to create, join, or invest in a 21st century coworking space would be wise to first take a few cues from the bottegas of 15th century Florence.

How to Recover After Escaping a Toxic Workplace

We do our best to highlight the most collaborative, creative, and downright coolest workplace cultures around so the culture crafters of the world can learn from the best. Sadly, great cultures kind of have to exist in relation to terrible ones. It’s a Yin and Yang thing. If you’re a recovering toxic workplace victim, take a deep breath and read this calming guide.

12 Brilliant Design Ideas for Small Offices with Smaller Budgets

Sometimes it seems like the only companies flaunting sleek and sexy workspace designs are the ones with more capital than a small country. Not so! You don’t need to spend millions on an 80,000 square foot metaphor of your business to be cutting edge. If your office is the size of a closet, you’ll want to peep these fun and futuristic design solutions for everything from lighting to furniture to acoustics.

Coffee: One Addiction You Don’t Want to Kick

There’s a reason coffee is known as the “original performance enhancing drug.” Actually, there are more like twenty to thirty reasons. This piece takes a closer look at a couple with particular relevance to the fast-paced modern workplace. That next mug of the French roast can help boost your memory. More surprisingly, coffee snobs are actually really good collaborators.

10 Rules of Professional Etiquette for the Digital Workplace

It only takes one misconstrued windy face emoji to unravel the most smashingly successful work from home day. Your body is a temple. So is your Dropbox. Keep it organized. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it never would have been built ever had Romulus started with the phrase “Please let me know.”

Will We Still Need Offices in 2025?

It’s sort of like asking a Chicagoan if the Blackhawks really needed another Stanley Cup in 2016. Did we need it? Not really. Did we want it? Yes. So badly. *sheds tear* Even if an increasing number of businesses in coming decades don’t require a central office to get the job done, they’re probably still going to have one. The real question is how the values of architecture and interior design are going to shift — because they’re going to have to — with the evolving needs of companies.

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