<strong>Midweek Mix</strong> | Is Disconnecting a Right? | Dubai’s 3D Printed Workplace | The Desk Clock that Slows Down Time

Midweek Mix | Is Disconnecting a Right? | Dubai’s 3D Printed Workplace | The Desk Clock that Slows Down Time

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The Right of the People to Disconnect Shall Not Be Infringed

Legislation that passed the French lower parliamentary house earlier this week is making headlines as an all-out ban on after hours emails for companies with more than 50 employees. This isn’t entirely accurate. The bill would require such companies to negotiate with employees a daily window of time when neither employer nor employee will send emails. Still, it’s a sign of the times: a growing global consensus that 24/7 accessibility is for many workers a greater source of stress than it is success.

“If You Could Climb Inside a Migraine” – Reflections on Open Office Design

NPR’s Planet Money team has a concise chat with legendary Italian architect Gaetano Pesce about the experimental open office he designed for New York ad agency Chiat-Day way back when (the 90s). Highlights include a giant mouth-shaped reception counter and having to check out your laptop every morning, library style.

The Best Workplace Designs Promote Mental Health and Workplace Safety

We appreciate this little opinion piece highlighting the very intentional wellness-based design decisions that are sometimes overlooked when we focus on the foosball tables and zip-lines of the world’s coolest offices. Yes, Google may have slides in the office, but their canteen is designed to encourage employees to make healthier nutrition choices while not discriminating against those who would opt for a diet soda over a green tea first thing in the morning. Take a look at Google’s Cafe 312.

Alter How You Perceive Time with the “Today” Clock

Being aware of time is a blessing and a curse. It helps us coordinate things like birthday parties and Tinder dates. Dividing our days into seconds and minutes also creates a whole lot of stress. Filmmaker and designer Scott Thrift just launched his Kickstarter for Today, an elegant clock that completes a single rotation around its calming color gradient face every 24 hours. Contribute and score a 5” Today for your desk. (It’s a way nicer gradient than the new Instagram logo.)

Dubai Created the First 3D Printed Office in 17 Days

Of course they did. In hindsight it’s kind of surprising that the city responsible for indoor ski resorts and floating villas with underwater rooms took this long to 3D print a fully functional office. Watch this cool video we wish we made.

Watson Wants to Know What’s Up With Millennials

By 2020 a third to a half of the workforce will consist of millennials. That’s why IBM created a global team of 4,000 employees known as IBM Millennial Corps. The team (made up of all ages) is focused on improving millennials’ experiences at IBM with the hope of more effectively capturing the world’s best talent early and keeping it around for longer. 2016 college grads, take note.