<strong>Midweek Mix</strong> | Climate Controlled Chairs | Office Design Down Under | Culture Killing Convos

Midweek Mix | Climate Controlled Chairs | Office Design Down Under | Culture Killing Convos

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The Danger of Wellness-Based Office Design

It’s pretty hard to argue with a multi-story living wall, but not all “wellness” focused designs are created equal. A meticulously engineered adjustable lighting system shines in vain if it subjects your eyes to the wrong hue of light (i.e. telling your brain it’s sunrise at 4pm). The office meditation zone isn’t so calming when it shares a wall with the bathroom.

Research: The Most Dreaded Workplace Conversations

Your company culture might be more fun than Six Flags. We guarantee these conversations still take place in your office. If you craft your company culture to mediate these most dreaded convos, we’ll venture a guess that your culture will prosper even more. Watch out Superman Ride of Steel.

Top Office Designs in the Land Down Under

As much as we’d love to open an Australian office, we don’t think we’re quite at critical mass stateside. So here’s a little slideshow of the coolest spaces in Australian office design, according to the Australian Interior Design Awards. The past year’s biggest office design trend down under? “Rich materiality.”

This Chair Will Turn Thermostat Frenemies into BFFs

This author once sat next to a coworker who kept a space heater under her desk because she may have actually been cold blooded. The space heater was always on. Even in August. In Chicago. It may take a hundred more years of innovative office design before we solve the problem of coworkers bickering over the thermostat. Until then, I offer you this chair.

The Huge Door That is Also a Wall

No surprises here. Just an article about a big door. Well, it’s more like four really cool doors, each weighing 500 pounds. It took about as long as a lunch break to install them, and they let you instantly transform your large gallery space into a conference room. Nifty eh?

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Office Design

A certain science fiction classic suggests there are three stages to the history of civilization: survival, inquiry, and sophistication. The majority of workspaces are in the survival phase. This is okay. Play your cards right and one day you’ll have the luxury of asking how your office design can make your team better at their jobs. Hit the jackpot and we can talk about how a zip-line can streamline efficiency.