<strong>Midweek Mix</strong> | Bunkbeds are China’s Latest Tech Trend | The Trouble with Heels | How to Recover from a Failed First Impression

Midweek Mix | Bunkbeds are China’s Latest Tech Trend | The Trouble with Heels | How to Recover from a Failed First Impression

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The Unmatched Intensity of China’s Tech Work Culture

While tech startups stateside are investing in office foosball tables, their Chinese counterparts are opting for office bunkbeds. Sometimes businesses grow faster than they can hire, and sometimes that means you have to sleep at work and wake up before your coworkers arrive to wash your feet in the office sink.

4 Ways to Overcome a Bad First Impression

It happens to the best of us. The handshake missed connection. Your new boss went for the pound and you went for the hug. Some bad first impressions are worse than others, but most can be overcome with one of these crafty strategies. Those looking to improve their impression-making should heed J.B. Pritzker’s No Asshole Rule.

What’s Holding Back the Age of Agile Working?

The chance to work remotely is shown to reduce feelings of stress in up to 50% of employees, yet more than half of employers never let employees leave the nest. Most organizations provide twice as much fixed technology as they do mobile. Why hasn’t everyone jumped on the Agile Working bandwagon yet?

How Working From Home Can Harm Your Company

Wait a minute. You thought we were just telling you agile working was the future? We’re just saying it could be the future. We’re also saying there are two sides to every coin, so you should have all the facts. While a healthy dose of WFH can indeed improve productivity and reduce stress for those who take advantage of the opportunity, the lack of people around the office can bring the vibe down for those who still report to a desk every day.

Wearing Heels to Work: A Game Women Have Been Losing for Decades

Mad Men era workspace decor, when not overused, is cool. Mad Men era sexism in the workplace, not so much. Concise and informative reading on the intricacies — and inequities — of workplace wardrobe culture over the last half century.

The New Instagram Logo’s Unintended Lesson

We know the Midweek Mix is usually for stuff we really like elsewhere on the internet, but sometimes we write something we think is pretty mix-worthy in its own right — like this article about how the new Instagram Logo’s global flop can teach us a valuable lesson about listening to the difference between understanding and listening.