"We’re not just a zoo. We’re this jewel — an oasis — in the middle of Chicago."

− Megan Ross, Ph.D. | Senior Vice President

Lincoln Park Zoo: The Pride of Chicago

Casey Gordon | July 15, 2016

Who says a creative space needs four walls and a roof?

We make videos that tell the stories of cultures and spaces, so when Lincoln Park Zoo — arguably one of Chicago’s most beloved cultural institutions — asked us to tell their story to help launch The Pride of Chicago campaign, it felt a little bit like fate.

The Pride of Chicago is a $125 million effort to transform the Lincoln Park Zoo, which at nearly 150 years of age is one of the oldest zoos in the world. Lincoln Park Zoo is also one of the last remaining free zoos in the country, so anyone and everyone will be able to enjoy the immersive, state-of-the-art animal habitats that Pride of Chicago will make possible in the coming years.

Lincoln Park Zoo’s story extends far beyond its grounds on the Chicago lakefront. In 2013 the zoo launched Partners in Fieldwork, a year-long program that engages high school students in non-invasive research activities that support the work of the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute.

Lincoln Park Zoo is also a familiar name far across the globe: the Davee Center for Epidemiology and Endocrinology has studied 86 different species around the world, and has developed labs in Rwanda, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Among its many admirable education and conservation efforts, the zoo is particularly proud of its leadership role in the Serengeti Health Initiative. The vaccination program protects domestic dogs against rabies to ensure the safety of wildlife in Serengeti National Park and the people whose homes surround the park.

It was truly an honor to produce a video for one of Chicago’s most iconic institutions. We hope our work will help spread the word about all the amazing things Lincoln Park Zoo is doing for our city and the world.

Watch Lincoln Park Zoo CEO Kevin Bell on FIVEinSIXTY.