When asked what makes kCura successful, the answer is unanimous: it’s the people. Guarding this precious asset is something the software company takes seriously: each candidate is evaluated based on the values the company put together years back. And each employee at the time was involved in that process as well, ensuring that the values, in turn, were a representation of the people.
While the values grace the walls of the company, founder Andrew Sieja says that isn’t enough: the values must be incorporated in the business itself. From hiring to the way colleagues and clients are treated, to the way business is done, the values have become a part of the company spirit.
kCura’s space supports and reinforces these values and company culture, whether the breakout kitchenette areas with butcher block tables or the brightly colored corner meeting rooms named after Chicago neighborhoods. There is never a shortage of places to chat while lounging around.
Despite its rapid growth, kCura hasn’t lost touch with its roots, manifested in a big way with “The Couch,” a $25 yard sale-purchased green leather couch that graced the video game room in kCura’s original office, and is now prominently displayed in the company’s lobby. “People love the couch,” says Sieja.
The team is committed to building a Chicago institution, and with this laser focus on people, culture and space, they are well on their way.
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