“As soon as a new candidate walks into DialogTech, they immediately get a visual taste of the culture,” says Irv Shapiro, the Founder, CEO, and “Head Coach” at DialogTech.
And there is a lot to nosh on – the colored carpet tiles which match the columns for wayfinding, the relaxation room with serene wallpaper and a hammock (a popular lunchtime yoga spot for a couple of the employees), the high ceilings, and of course the open area in the back of the office, which is used on a regular basis for everything from putt-putt and pinball to video games and lunch. Also popular are stand-ups, a feature central to the DialogTech culture. For these events, the entire 80-person company gathers in the multi-purpose room while a speaker gets on a “soap box” (an old wine crate) and talks to the team about recent good news, updates on the business, and other topics.
Employees credit their colleagues with making the environment so fun, describing DialogTech as a family and loving their time at work, whether they are working or playing pranks on each other.
How did the leadership team accomplish this culture? They listened. Employees were surveyed and the space was designed to accommodate the varying functions. Collaborative teams sit in pods of four with low walls to connect to adjacent pods, while sales professionals have higher cube walls and acoustic tiling overhead to ensure a more quiet environment.
The result is a company moving forward with everyone on board. And Irv’s goal of “creating the best company you’ve ever worked with” is being met, day by day.


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