“Can we chat?”
“Sure, let’s go sit in the tree trunk in the enchanted forest.”
Yes, this conversation can actually happen inside an office. And it does happen – at Groupon’s quirky, colorful, and enormous headquarters.
“We wanted to show the unexpected in our space,” says Mark Desky, VP of Special Projects.
Mission accomplished. A carnival-themed fun zone with swings? Check. A tiki hut? Check. A huge cat in a floating spaceship? Check. There is a surprise around virtually every corner.
No details were overlooked. Moss graces the corners of the hobbit house. The bark of the redwood has real texture. A tail hangs off the back of the cat spaceship in the lobby.
Once acclimated to the sensory overload, however, visitors will notice what employees describe as the buzz in the office. Small groups meeting in nooks around the space, green jacket-clad employees darting back and forth – it all adds up to a continuous energy that is palpable the minute the elevator doors reveal the lobby of the 4th floor.
And the countless creative spaces around the office were designed to maintain that buzz and keep employees energized throughout the day. The tiki hut can hold up to four meetings at a time, the swings in the fun zone are constantly in use for ad-hoc conversations, the small space inside the enchanted forest tree trunk is a private alcove for small team get-togethers, all “fun but highly functional,” says Desky.
It’s all a part of Groupon’s fast-paced culture, where days fly by and the dizzying pace is as ubiquitous as the Groupon name.


  • Bev

    You need to design schools. Our ADD kids could really use the swings! Seriously. This is a fun place to work, people enj9oy going to wo0rk, the culture is o9ne of cooperation,e etc.

  • kthompson

    Its beautiful! Nice chill areas for groups