The original creative office is back. In 2014, Chicago Creative Space took you into Groupon’s main digs at 600 W Chicago. Today we enter the green lair again, this time for a peek at the tech company’s brand new engineering space.

A cat in a spaceship, a tiki hut meeting room, and a fallen redwood are hard to beat when it comes to cool office space. But it’s not about competition with Groupon’s engineering space — it’s about collaboration, effectiveness, and openness. It’s about creating an environment where the company’s engineers can be their best selves. And that thought process led to this new 20,000 square foot space.

“What really excites me is the opportunity for impact,” says Shafiq Sharif, a Senior Director. “We have 50 million customers worldwide, and we’re only seven years old.” To create a space to execute on this opportunity, the company had to rethink the fundamentals while staying true to the Groupon brand.

The space is like a factory where ideas are born and executed with efficiency. Whiteboards are everywhere. The outer space theme is prevalent throughout the office, with HVAC ductwork creating columns that angle toward ductwork in the exposed ceiling and an entire spaceship themed room with soft seating flanked by glass-walled conference rooms.

Even the team pods are arranged to maximize communication and collaboration – in circular arrangements that make it easy for team members to spin around in their chairs and ask a question or make a suggestion. It is literally as if space were seen as a barrier to be removed during the design process, leaving only the well oiled and rapidly moving machinery of the engineering team.

And in case you’re wondering, Groupon the cat is still a main character — from cat astronaut photos to conference room decals to a huge mural of the spaceship by the entry, Groupon wasn’t going to forget its favorite feline.