Creating a space for a company that helps clients solve open-ended questions is not an easy feat. It should be a platform for innovation, a constantly churning think tank, an environment where ideas don’t just fly, but actually land and become real.
Luckily, gravitytank approached the challenge of creating the perfect space the same way they approach the challenge of solving their clients’ problems: they understood the need (even if unspoken), created the solution, and then went a step further.
“My impression the first time I walked into this space,” says Martha Cotton, a partner at gravitytank, “was that I was home.” She adds, “this space was specifically designed to support innovation.”
And it shows. From a sound recording studio to a full gourmet kitchen, from a shop with the latest toys to a photo studio, the upstairs of the space is where employees experiment with creating. Downstairs is “more like the engine room,” says Scott Ternovits, a founding partner. “That’s where the project and team bays are.” Teams will gather in each bay for months at a time to work on a specific project and the bays don’t just become home, they become the disheveled, unkempt home of a mad scientist – except that at the end of each project, they help produce the solutions that Gravity Tank’s clients seek.
“All value is created from people,” says Ternovits – and what defines a space is the activity that happens within it. And for gravitytank, that translates to a definition of innovation, ideation, and dedication – like a mad scientist on a deadline.


  • Matt

    That looks like such a great place to work! Love the focus on creativity and collaboration.