<strong>Furniture Feature: Lyric by Allsteel</strong>

Furniture Feature: Lyric by Allsteel

We recently picked up a few of these Allsteel bad boys from our friends at Henricksen, and our lumbar regions are feeling so good we just had to sit down and write a little blog post.

First thing you should know: the Lyric line features a wide array of mesh colors plus fabric and leather upholstery options, so you can mix and match the perfect palette for any space from the most conventional law firms to espresso-fueled creative agencies.

And as most will probably agree, the backbone of any quality office chair is functional adaptability. You can choose from three different Lyric intuitive adjustment schemes: basic synchro, synchro-tilt, and weight activated controls. These options range from traditional lever systems (ideal for conference rooms or anywhere with communal seating) to sleek automatic tension control (optimal for personal workstations).

The cherry on top: seat depth adjustment. People tend to focus primarily on seat height and backrest tilt when it comes to chair customization, but trust us when we say the ability to adjust seat depth may be the best furniture function you never knew you needed.

The Lyric line also offers stool and large & tall models.

Hit up Henricksen for your furniture needs.