6,000 Reasons to Listen: Scott Goldberg

Casey Gordon | August 11, 2016

Scott Goldberg knows a thing or two about leadership.

More accurately: he knows at least 6,000 — the number of people working for Bankers Life, the national life and health insurance company of which Scott was named President in 2013.

Scott believes firmly in the principles of servant leadership: that the best leaders listen closely to their people and wield their power in order to provide their people with whatever they need to achieve success.

Judging from Scott’s steep climb up the leadership ranks since joining Bankers Life parent company CNO Financial Group in 2004, we’d say he has a stethoscopic ear.

Scott understands that while servant leadership often takes place out of the limelight, when you’re at the top of an organization with 300 US offices — unless you are also blessed with the power of invisibility — there are going to be a lot of eyes on you.

And with great visibility comes great responsibility: all of Scott’s actions have the potential to ripple throughout the entire organization, right through to the lives of the 1.4 million policyholders Bankers Life serves.

A keen awareness of this responsibility informs Scott’s commitment as a member of Hyde Park Angels, the most active angel investing group in the Midwest. As an HPA member, Scott is in a unique position to not only equip innovative startups with seed funding and business expertise, but to share his more personal — and most valuable — leadership insights with the Midwest’s most promising entrepreneurs.

Today, he’s sharing that wisdom with you.

Scott shares 5 lessons he’s learned leading 6,000 people.

1. What you say matters. Everything reverberates. Choose your words wisely.

2. The best two words? Thank you. If you’re ever unsure how to start, start with those.

3. Ace the narrative. Every company is the protagonist in a choose your own adventure story. Use your narrative to effectively align your organization.

4. Be vulnerable. Empathy creates trust. Leader’s don’t have to project strength every minute of the day.

5. Stay cool. Don’t get too high or too low. When things are amazing, act like you’ve been there before. When they aren’t, stay optimistic.

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