Rich Stoddart: Compassionate Creativity

Rich Stoddart knows a thing or two about channeling the energy of an amazing workplace into tangible, global success (think Allstate’s “Mayhem” campaign, or the Art Institute’s Van Gogh Bedroom). This may explain his meteoric rise at Leo Burnett, serving as CEO North America for just a year before his elevation to CEO Worldwide.

For anyone who knows Rich, it comes as no surprise that under his stewardship Leo Burnett has been named a “Best Place to Work” by the Chicago Tribune three years running. If you’re seeking wisdom for crafting a globally respected workplace culture, Rich is your guy.

Rich shares 5 must haves for building a culture that honors creativity:

1. Purpose. Creativity can transform human behavior. Wield it with intent.

2. Eyes of a Child. Be naive. Be inquisitive. Always look for new ways to do things.

3. Hands of a Craftsman. Care about the quality of what you put into the world. Never settle.

4. Soul of a Citizen. Be generous. Share your ideas and thoughts with others. Don’t protect.

5. Heart of a Champion. Be brave. Have a point of view. Say why. Friction makes great ideas happen.

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