Harness the power of happiness with Assurance.

Liz Smith : Harnessing Happiness

Casey Gordon | May 5, 2016

Whoever named Liz Smith “Rookie of the Year” in her first insurance sales job has an alternate career in fortune telling. Ever since that first job out of college Liz has risen steadily through the ranks of the benefits world, leaving a long trail of happier and healthier organizations in her wake.

Liz sells insurance, but Liz sells happiness — she learned early on that for most people, accumulation periods and EDP policies may as well be written in Wingdings.

Happiness, on the other hand, is a universal language.

It’s also a whole lot more than a glossy finish an Assurance consultant slaps on an ACA compliance update. Happiness is at the very heart of Liz’s presidential mission, and essential to Assurance’s rock-solid position as a U.S. Top 50 Insurance broker.

The proof is in the pudding: Liz boasts a 19:1 ROI for Assurance dollars spent on wellness under her leadership. It naturally follows that Assurance consistently lands on national “Best Place to Work” lists.

Far be it from Liz to grow complacent in the face of such accolades. She knows any place is only as good as its people, and thus the happiness of Assurance employees will always be the keystone of her strategic vision.

With happiness incentives like paid book clubs, family 5Ks, and employee casino nights already in action, it’s hard to imagine Liz doing a better job — but as always, she’s bound to find a way.

Liz highlights 5 strategic necessities for growing employee happiness.

1. Share your vision. The more clearly you articulate your mission, the more emphatically everyone will rally around it.

2. There’s always room to grow. Make sure every employee understands their opportunity for career development and how they can actualize it.

3. Soliciting feedback isn’t enough. Hear what employees want, then implement a concrete strategy responding to their needs.

4. First-class benefits. If you don’t have a great benefits package, you’re not a competitive employer. No amount of office nerf balls can change that.

5. Compelling culture. Attain the cultural trifecta of engagement, intelligence, and fun, and people will always want to work for you.

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