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Dr. Kelly Page: Painting Her Own Lines

Casey Gordon | July 28, 2016

What isn’t Dr. Kelly Page?

Research Scientist. Entrepreneur. Communications and Learning Consultant. Social Design Ethnographer. Social Media Curator. Artist. Author. The list goes on.

Her work, dealing primarily with the intersection of social learning and digital participation, has been appeared in many esteemed publications such as the Journal of Business Research and the International Journal of Human-Computer Relations.

Kelly has delivered workshops, talks, and creative projects in Wales, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Canada, Australia, and the US. In 2011 she opened TedxCardiff with her talk “Rediscovering Friendship,” which considers how the evolving communications landscape is changing how people conceive and enact friendships.

If you visit the first thing you will see is Kelly’s proud claim that “I don’t color within the lines, I paint new ones.

Clearly Kelly does not fit easily into any one box, and we won’t try to put her in one. We’ll just let her most recent project do the talking.

Live What You Love, LLC, also known as LWYL Studio, is a social design studio based just outside of Chicago in Oak Park. LWYL is the culmination of Kelly’s lifelong passion for working with people to develop their vision and voice in an increasingly social media-driven world.

Collaborating with people and organizations on the social and digital design of creative, learning, and social experiences, LWYL seeks to help others channel their passions into success while positively impacting the world.

It’s really, really hard to think of a person more qualified than Kelly to give social-themed advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Kelly shares 5 tips for anyone scared about starting a new venture:

1. Step into action. We hold back when we’re scared. Action propels us through fear.

2. Network with likeminded souls. Get out into the world with people who are starting new things.

3. Find a mentor. Someone who inspires you. They don’t have to be a businessperson.

4. Partner with people. Businesses don’t live in a silo. Share ideas and find ways to support one another.

5. Look after yourself. If you’re not socially, physically, and emotionally healthy, your venture won’t be either.

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