Rock and Roll Rainmaker

When he’s not busy shredding on a ’63 Fender Stratocaster or selling companies for a billion dollars, David Kalt is building one of the strongest employer brands in the Midwest. His newest venture is, an online marketplace for used and vintage musical gear  that currently enjoys a coveted 5-star rating on Glassdoor. (Seriously, that’s like the employer equivalent of a Michelin Star.)

If you’d like to start a company, secure $25 million in funding, and double your headcount in your first two years, you may want to hear what David has to say.


David shares 5 ways music is at the heart of Reverb culture:

1. Tempo. Being able to work at a fast pace is one thing. Having the rhythm to work in sync with everyone around you is another.

2. Collaboration. Building a team is like forming a band. Each member has to jive and enjoy creating with each other.

3. Passion. If you can’t write a good song without it, how do you expect to run a successful music business?

4. Volume. Different business operations require different energy levels. Reverb employees know when to turn up and when to dial down.

5. Authenticity. You can’t fake it. A business is only as good as its product, its space, and of course, its people.


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