Andrew Swinand: Incubating Positive Change

Andrew Swinand is no stranger to responsibility. Having started his career as an infantry platoon leader in the US Army, he knows better than most what it means to care for your people.

This deep sense of commitment to those around him and the understanding that every decision impacts the lives of others — often in ways difficult to anticipate — has guided his leadership ever since, particularly during his ten-year stint as President of Starcom MediaVest group, the world’s largest media agency managing over $40 billion of media investments.

Andrew’s most recent success story is Abundant Venture Partners, a purpose-based incubator he co-founded in 2011 with the goal of making the world a better place through the creation of companies that improve human wellness, performance, and engagement.

Armed with the knowledge that we are always accountable to the world around us and the belief that it is still possible to do well by doing good, Andrew works tirelessly to generate shared success for his partners by helping values-focused businesses drive positive change.

Andrew shares an infantry platoon leader’s 5 tips for responsible corporate leadership:

1. When in charge, take charge. It’s just like the “leader of the day” in ranger school. Except it’s every day.

2. Bias for action. An 80% solution well-executed is better than the 100% solution that never happens.

3. Servant leadership. Make sure your people know you have their back and they will have yours too.

4. Violent Execution. When you’re in, go all in. Don’t look back. Don’t doubt yourself. Get the job done.

5. Mission first, people always. Know your mission. Define your objectives. Always take care of your people.

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