Ethos 4.0 may have been our best event yet.

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Wise Words from the Panel

George Bousis

CEO, Raise

Al Goldstein

CEO, Avant

Raaja Nemani

CEO, BucketFeet

Kristi Ross

Co-CEO + President, dough Inc.

"Culture and brand are a mirror image of each other."

− Raaja @raajanemani

"If you don't like to wash your clothes all the time, come take another t-shirt. (On supplying employees with free brand swag.)"

− George @Gbousis

"Have a mission people want to attach to. Find the better good. Customers reach out wanting to work for us."

− Kristi @doughtrading

"Make sure you have the right 20 (people) and it will get you to 100."

− Al @_AlGoldstein

"Today it’s more important than ever for companies to create shared understanding and mutual respect between people."

− Raaja @raajanemani

"Don't forget to be real. Be humble. Don't be distracted by the success."

− George @GBousis

"Cost of time is an important measure for culture building, and when done right it pays back tenfold."

− Kristi @doughtrading

"If startups have a bad culture they are going to die. It's pretty straightforward."

− Al @_AlGoldstein

"Making the best decision for your company is making the best decision for your people."

− Raaja @raajanemani

"Constantly challenge people and you'll be surprised at the results. Keep everyone hungry."

− George @GBousis

"When you pivot focus make sure your employees know how much you value the work they put into your original project."

− Kristi @doughtrading

"The bigger you get the harder it becomes to vet cultural fits while hiring. Get people to believe in the culture early."

− Al @_AlGoldstein

Culture Workshop Gurus

Marc Landsberg

CEO, socialdeviant

Amanda Lannert

CEO, Jellyvision

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