From half of one floor to nine separate floors spread throughout its building, Enova has grown rapidly since its founding. Yet its culture has only gotten stronger. And while the company now has some amazing space, they have always made the best of their environment.
Getting off the elevators on the company’s development floor, the visitor is immediately struck by the deep blue backlit walls, and the ubiquitous glass throughout the floor. The undulating millwork, resembling the ocean’s surf, adorns an entire wall and tables are packed with a diverse array of devices.
The agnostic technology approach, or “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is on purpose. Employees get to “choose their hardware to best fulfill their jobs,” says David Fisher, CEO of Enova, “and we make sure that hardware works anywhere in our offices.”
The work ethic is intense, but there are places to relax too. From the kitchens on every floor to the Chill Hub, complete with a zen fountain and massage chair, employees can always get away for a break. Other perks include haircuts, drycleaning pickup at the office, even yoga – all designed to make the employees’ lives easier so they can “focus on doing their best every day,” says Fisher.
The Enova culture is built around five core values. While the culture has to grow organically, it should be fostered and encouraged, and Enova’s culture team helps to keep the company’s cultural development on track. Says Fisher, the culture is “part and parcel to everything we do at Enova.”