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“What motivates me the most, is the people I get to work with,” says ContextMedia CEO/Co-Founder Rishi Shah.
Be it the glass wall with employee pictures or the different values that greet visitors getting off the elevator, it’s obvious after the first few steps that people are the engine moving the company forward – and the theme is consistent throughout the entire office. The ping pong table, the coffee shop, the brightly colored collaboration spaces – it’s all a way to show that here, people really do come first.
But the space is also a reflection of the brand itself. Whether it’s representing health through the treadmill desks or using technology to showcase the organization’s work, ContextMedia’s success goes beyond just building a great product; it’s the combination of a great culture, amazing talent and a space that helps brings it all together that has created something truly special.
  • Julio Luna

    It looks awesome