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Sunlight streaming in through the large windows. Glass walls. The EL rolling by. Exposed brick. Timber beams. That explains the physical space. More important, however, is what fills that space: laughter, energy, a genuine kindness and lack of ego, and complete passion for the company’s mission. Then there are the smiles. Many of them. There’s conversation about work, the weekend, and everything in between.
This is Centro. An old company by startup standards and a youngster by more traditional benchmarks, and yet one that has found the perfect spot, both literally and figuratively – an organization truly comfortable in its shoes. And, of course, equally comfortable in its space.
Space was on Shawn Riegsecker’s mind back in 2001, when he founded the company. Centro’s culture grew out of the Manifesto so familiar to each Centron. Point #1? Dedication to the growth and wellbeing of the individual. And the right space is paramount.
“When I think about happiness, our physical environment is critical,” says Riegsecker. “I don’t want you thinking about your space… that’s a bad spot for a company to be in.” And at Centro, space never comes up – because it’s exactly what employees need. From open office areas to spacious kitchens and communal tables, the purpose of the office is to keep close an already tight-knit family. Timber beams come together with exposed brick, glass, and bright colors to create an environment of transparency, comfort and trust.
“There’s an immediate connection between culture and space,” says Riegsecker. “Your people will define your culture, and your physical space will enhance what you’ve defined you wanted it to be.”
Well said, and judging by Centro’s continued success, well executed.
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    Hats off to Centro CCS and the creative, design, procurement, project management genius behind EVERYTHING in the video..Alicia Bird (