Braintree’s new 26,000 square foot space is a far cry from the company’s more Spartan accommodations in years past. Featuring a large open area and punctuated by the company’s trademark orange color, the office provides countless types of work environments, from bench seating to bean bags, from a desk treadmill to a huge (orange) couch in the kitchen/game room, and employees love the flexibility. With pair programming a staple of Braintree’s development methodology, the open and collaborative nature of the company’s office is critical to achieve the kind of communication necessary to build great software.
It’s not just the space that employees love about Braintree. The real favorite is the people they work with. And that’s exactly how it was meant to be. Leadership knew that to build an exceptional company with exceptional people, building the right team is more than half the battle. The people will create the culture whether or not there is a great space to support it. With the company’s recent VC investments, however, the Braintree family finally has a space they can be proud of, and a place call home.