Your first steps in the Assurance office reveal warm colors, clean lines, and an immediate representation of the company’s spirit. “Minimizing risk. Maximizing health.” The passion statement emblazoned on a glass wall. $1 billion in annual client value displayed on TVs in the lobby. It’s just a taste of what’s to come.
The cafe in the lobby, Grant Perk, alternates as a coffee shop with bottomless cups of Starbucks and a happy hour destination where smiling coworkers come together to catch up. Diner-style booths create oases of calm for impromptu meetings.
The rest of the space exudes the Assurance culture, from the paint colors, to the best and brightest characteristics, to the company’s “DNA” (Dominate/Navigate/Appreciate). Every nook is all about reinforcing the mission already ingrained in each team member.
And Assurance recognizes that people are everything. “It ultimately starts with our people, that create the culture, that the space represents,” says Liz Smith, President, Employee Benefits.
The culture is an eclectic mix of professional dedication to top notch client service and an irreverent approach to driving satisfaction in the workplace. A belief that happy employees = happy clients underpins many strategic decisions.
The office includes both open areas and quiet hoteling offices for visiting employees. The Best and Brightest characteristics adorn windows along one wall. Pin art high fives line a hallway. (There’s a good Cubs outing story behind that one.) And of course, the vacation room in the back echoes a sunny vacation destination, with adirondack beach chairs, surf board, ocean mural, and beach balls suspended from the ceiling.
It’s all part of the master plan. Says Smith, “For a lot of employees, they’ve found their home.” Adds COO Jackie Gould, “I love that 350 people get up in the morning and are happy to come to work.” And if happy employees = happy clients, that should send Assurance well on their way to that $1 billion.

What was your favorite part of the Assurance office and culture? 

  • Lindsay Malone

    This office is so bright and colorful, and jam-packed with some incredible people. It’s truly a place where I love to come to work each day. #AssurancePerks

  • Michael Gold

    I looove our office & love I can walk here every morning in 15 min. It is spacious & beautiful, and the people are cool & laid back & collaborative. Looking forward to coming to work every day. #AssurancePerks